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Imagine you’re hosting a party – it’s your friend’s birthday, your child just graduated from school, your parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, or it’s a huge family reunion – and someone crashes your party and is causing a ruckus. An easy solution is to call your local law enforcement department and have the party crasher removed. However, a much easier solution is to just keep the party crasher out of the party to begin with, say with a door or a fence. If they can’t get in, then there’s no party crashing. Yet when it comes to building a secure wall or fence on our country’s borders, some (Mark Zuckerberg) criticize those calling for walls as “fearful voices” while building walls around their own personal property. And others (Paul Ryan) won’t fund a border fence for our country, but don’t have any problems funding a “border fence” for their own home. And if that weren’t enough, the Obama administration isn’t even enforcing existing immigration laws. Back to your party for a minute – can you imagine your party swelling in size hour by hour because the police won’t kick out the party crashers? None of this will stop, absolutely none of it, unless we elect people committed to enforcing current immigration laws. That’s what I call “first things first.” Many are calling for “comprehensive immigration reform” which is like telling your ER doctor to fix your stubbed toe, set your broken leg, and give you a facelift all at the same time while you’re bleeding out from a gunshot wound.

Now some say it’s racist to want a border wall. I say it’s racist not to have one. Why? “Illegal immigrants face kidnapping, murder, and rape at the hands of violent drug cartels and ever more ruthless human smugglers.” If we have to have workers come here to perform certain types of manual labor that no one else will do (and I’m not certain this is entirely the case), farming for instance, then we need a mechanism to ensure that people coming here as part-time laborers are safe, just like we ensure the safety of those who come over to our homes for one of those parties we talked about earlier.

And so, back to first things first. Priority number one is build a wall. We’ve sent astronauts to the moon, a wall is a piece of cake. Priority number two is enact a firm law for people who overstay their visa, something along the lines of – if you’re found in-country more than 5 days after your visa expired, you’re not allowed into the country ever again. Period. The same thing goes for those here illegally – you have until July 4, 2017 to get your things in order – visa, work permit, etc. – or else leave. If you’re found here after July 4, 2017, then you’ll be removed and no longer allowed into the country ever again. What’s so special about July 4, 2017? Well, that’s our independence day from incompetent border, immigration, and security policies.:)

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