Hi fellow Louisianians, I’m Donald “Crawdaddy” Crawford and here’s the “long story long” about me and why I’m running for U.S. Senate in 2016.

I was born in 1965 and adopted when I was 27 days old by a middle class husband and wife. I was raised in New Orleans in the Gentilly area where we lived in one side of a “double,” and my parents rented out the other side for income because my mom had a disability and was unable to work. While in school, I loved music and learned to play the violin and saxophone. When I was 14, I earned my first paycheck from Bud’s Broiler. I needed the job to pay for my own clothes and for spending money.

After high school, I attended the University of New Orleans and earned a degree in Finance and managed a “mom and pop” pharmacy, worked at a tech sales startup and then at Entergy. While there, I entered Tulane’s night/weekend MBA program. After graduating, I went to work for a consulting firm, and I’m still there today using my finance skills to determine “Fair Market Value” for dozens of compliance-related business transactions annually. Fair Market Value is a concept I’d like to bring to Washington D.C. We give our hard earned tax dollars to Congress to spend on good and reasonable projects and expect something “fair” in return, but what we receive is as far away from “fair” as one can get.

My wife and I will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary this fall. Rachel Fontenot Crawford is a NOLA native as well and is a professional artist who has sold her artwork in galleries and art festivals in the south Louisiana region. We enjoy everything related to nature, art and history. Rachel and I enjoy road trips – driving through the great outdoors and visiting state and national parks and monuments. One of our goals is to visit every national park in this beautiful country. Rachel and I attend the Northshore Vineyard church in Covington, LA. We care about the welfare of all and believe in helping people both spiritually and physically. In our 22 years of marriage, we have served numerous communities and have participated in missions at home and abroad.

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I want to bring my middle class values to Washington D.C. It seems they have long ignored the middle class by allowing so many middle class jobs to be “traded” away by huge corporations so that all we have left is class warfare between minimum wage workers and the super wealthy (one percenters). Congress ignores antitrust laws even though they exist to “regulate the conduct of corporations to promote fair competition for the benefit of consumers” (a.k.a. We the People). Congress allows merger after merger, displacing thousands of workers while the CEOs pocket the savings and contribute to political campaigns, both personally and through PACs.

If you’re looking for a “fair” deal from Washington D.C., you have to send an outsider, one who’s not taking money from special interest group PACs – one who is only accepting contributions from individuals, like you and me. I see this race as my opportunity to serve my State and my Country.

Let’s work together to bring jobs back to Louisiana and improve the economy for all of our fellow friends and neighbors in this great State.

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