Long Story Short

Looking for solutions?

Here’s the long story short…


  • Anti Trust – No company should be too big to fail, so it’s time to break some of them up.
  • Minimum Wage Workers – Let’s create higher paying jobs for our citizens. It’s time to bring back manufacturing to the US.
  • H1B Visas – Information Technology workers are getting laid off due to foreign work visa abuse. Accounting, banking, finance, marketing…you’re next unless we stop the foolishness.

Trade / China

  • Trade – Louisiana First, America First. Don’t we want our family, friends and neighbors to have jobs?
  • China – Is there some reason we’re pouring billions of dollars into a country that points nuclear weapons at us?

Government Reform

  • No more bills passed in the middle of the night – 1 day of public review for every 10 pages, 3 day minimum. Clock resets with any modifications.
  • Term Limits – All members of Congress should be limited to serving 12 years in office (no lobbying, consulting or direct contact with current members of Congress without waiting for the same number of years you served). After that, go get a job like everyone else. Supreme Court justices need term limits too.
  • Campaign Finance Reform – Congressional candidates should have only 365 days prior to election to raise funds. Any funds left over after an election must be donated to charity.
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment giving state legislatures the ability to choose Senators, restoring power back to the States.

Border / Immigration / Security

  • Border Wall – Build the wall now. Our homes have walls and fences for a reason.
  • Visa Overstays – Thanks for visiting, but you’re not welcome to come back, ever.
  • Illegal aliens – The party’s over. Get your papers (visa, work permit, etc.) in order within 180 days or else leave. If you stay longer and are caught, you’re not getting back in ever. No more anchor babies either.

Military / Veterans

  • Defense Department – We need the best funded and most well-trained military possible.  
  • Veterans Administration – We need to take care of our Vets, not those who have come here illegally.


  • Louisiana – This is the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” Let’s restore and preserve it to keep it that way.

Individual / Personal

  • 2nd Amendment – Lock & Load.
  • Medicare – Keep Medicare and eliminate the fraud and waste.
  • SSI – Let’s shore up Social Security so that if you’ve paid into it, you keep it. Let’s create an alternative for those who don’t want to participate.
  • Education – How about state/local school choice (vouchers)  instead of federally mandated common core.
  • Student Loans – Instead of foreign aid, how about student loan interest rate relief.
  • Marriage – One man. One woman. End of story.
  • Abortion – If you’re reading this, your momma was pro-life.

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