THANK YOU to the 25,000+ that voted to support me, a regular American just like you – one who loves this country, but knows that it’s broken and dysfunctional and needs all the help we can give it. And I THANK and appreciate EVERYONE who campaigned for me, helped spread the word, and cheered me onward. I appreciate ALL of you and your faith in me. I believe we’re off to a good start with our new President-elect, Donald Trump. There’s still a lot of change necessary in both the House and Senate, so let’s continue to work together for our great State of Louisiana and our great country. Let’s keep in touch – please continue to follow me on social media to see what I’m up to next!

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“Long Story Short”

Looking for solutions?

Here’s the long story short…


  • Anti Trust – Too many mergers increase unemployment and some companies are just too large. It’s time to break some of them up.
  • Minimum Wage Workers – Let’s create higher paying jobs for our citizens. It’s time to bring back manufacturing to the US.
  • H1B Visas – Information Technology workers are getting laid off due to foreign work visa abuse. Accounting, banking, finance, marketing…you’re next unless we stop the foolishness.

Trade / China

  • Trade – Louisiana First, America First. Don’t we want our family, friends and neighbors to have jobs?
  • China – Is there some reason we’re pouring billions of dollars into a country that points nuclear weapons at us?
  • Tariffs – Tariffs can help put American workers back to work. Presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan did it.

Government Reform

  • No more bills passed in the middle of the night – 1 day of public review for every 10 pages, 3 day minimum. Clock resets with any modifications.
  • Term Limits – All members of Congress should be limited to serving 12 years in office (no lobbying, consulting or direct contact with current members of Congress without waiting for the same number of years you served). After that, go get a job like everyone else. Supreme Court justices need term limits too.
  • Campaign Finance Reform – Congressional candidates should have only 365 days prior to election to raise funds. Any funds left over after an election must be donated to charity.
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment giving state legislatures the ability to choose Senators, restoring power back to the States.

Border / Immigration / Security

  • Border Wall – Build the wall now. Our homes have walls and fences for a reason.
  • Visa Overstays – Thanks for visiting, but you’re not welcome to come back, ever.
  • Illegal aliens – The party’s over. Get your papers (visa, work permit, etc.) in order within 180 days or else leave. If you stay longer and are caught, you’re not getting back in ever. No more anchor babies either.

Military / Veterans

  • Defense Department – We need the best funded and most well-trained military possible.
  • Veterans Administration – We need to take care of our Vets, not those who have come here illegally.


  • Louisiana – This is the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” Let’s restore and preserve it to keep it that way.

Individual / Personal

  • 2nd Amendment – Lock & Load.
  • Medicare – Keep Medicare and eliminate the fraud and waste.
  • SSI – Let’s shore up Social Security so that if you’ve paid into it, you keep it. Let’s create an alternative for those who don’t want to participate.
  • Education – How about state/local school choice (vouchers)  instead of federally mandated common core.
  • Student Loans – Instead of foreign aid, how about student loan interest rate relief.
  • Marriage – One man. One woman. End of story.
  • Abortion – If you’re reading this, your momma was pro-life.

The 2016 U.S. Senate Race in Louisiana

I’m a conservative / populist Republican candidate – here’s why I’m running in the 2016 race and why you should vote for Donald “Crawdaddy” Crawford in the November election…


I’m a strong believer in our system of government and unfortunately, over time, the system has been corrupted by elected officials who game the system for their own personal gain. That’s one major reason I’m 100% behind congressional term limits. It’s interesting that people hate Congress and yet re-elect them at a rate close to 90%. Could it be at any given point in time there are only 535 people qualified to serve in Congress out of a population of 323 million? Certainly not. Most of us could do a great job serving the people of our state and nation, if the barrier to entry weren’t so high – who wants to spend their time and money running a race where the probability of losing is so high? Are term limits the best solution? Who knows, but at the rate we’re going down a road we all hate, it’s definitely time for a change.

So that brings me back to the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana. With Senator David Vitter choosing to retire after 12 years, look at the great thing that’s happening right here – we have one US Senate seat wide open and two sitting US Representatives choosing to give up their House seats to run for Senate. Potentially, we could have 3 new people in Congress. What if this happened more regularly due to term limits? It could have meant the difference between:

  • Enforcing existing immigration laws versus executive orders made up on the fly
  • Health insurance you like and can afford versus Obamacare
  • More American jobs versus terrible trade deals
  • A balanced budget 

Immigration Laws

I think we all realize we’re at a fork in the road….do we take the wide road headed for destruction or the road less traveled? What lies in wait for us if we travel down the wide road you ask….well, let’s see where those who have gone before us are now –

  • Unfettered immigration in Europe leads to an epidemic of rapes
  • Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy caused by decades of borrowing money
  • Citizens of Venezuela starving and forced to eat garbage

…..and the list goes on.

Constitutional Rights

But there’s another road, the road less traveled, the one we paved 240 years ago, circa 1776. We were the “land of the free” back then, because the federal government hadn’t yet overreached its authority. And we were the “home of the brave,” a place where WE took care of ourselves, our family, friends and neighbors instead of depending on government programs that are going bankrupt or causing bankruptcies. How do we get on the road less traveled? A push in that direction begins with Congressional term limits.

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